TONL x Chromebook: Anifat, Doctor and Entrepreneur
TONL x Chromebook: Anifat, Doctor and Entrepreneur

TONL x Chromebook: Anifat, Doctor and Entrepreneur

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Meet Dr. Anifat Balogun! Nigerian Doctor and Entrepreneur/ Co Founder of GeneObesity. Hear more about her day in the life as she integrates the Acer Chromebook 15 CB515-1HT.


Being a black woman AND a female doctor, I’ve experienced racism being in the medical field but, it had to be brought to my attention. I don’t try to think about those things or even lead with that, but it became very evident that I was being treated very poorly by a woman I worked with without reason. It was tough! I thank my colleagues and really my family for helping me get through the experience because it was pretty bad. I just couldn’t do anything about it, but karma has a way of working on women like her.

I was interested in going into the medical field after seeing how happy and successful my Dad’s friend was who was a doctor. He would bring his friend around when I was a little girl and it peaked my interest. I knew I wanted to be in surgery, but not anything boring like orthopedic surgery. So, I specialize in otolaryngology head & neck surgery, facial plastic surgery and laser surgery.

A Day in the Life...

I own my clinic called SkinMD Seattle. I’m also a single mother so I integrate both duties throughout my day. At SkinMD Seattle, I start the day meeting with staff, reviewing patient charts, answering emails and of course seeing patients and doing treatments. As soon as I’m home with my son, it’s the usual make dinner, ensure he has completed his homework and all of that. Outside of all of that, in the free time that I have, I work on a new business venture that I started with my friend and Co Founder, Nkei. The business is called GeneObesity. With GeneObesity, we direct the management of obesity through genetics and targeted, effective comprehensive medical care. We are currently starting the process of soliciting funding so we have been meeting to get prepared for that.


Find your purpose. Find your passion and work really hard at it!

You read the narrative, now use it as inspiration. 

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