TONL x Chromebook: Brett, Dad & Designer
TONL x Chromebook: Brett, Dad & Designer

TONL x Chromebook: Brett, Dad & Designer

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Meet Brett Banks! Creative Consultant + Designer. Hear more about his day in the life as he integrates the Acer Chromebook 15 CB515-1HT.


Industry Clout....

A Native of Pittsburgh, I graduated from Virginia State University with a B.S. in Business Management + Marketing. I continue to study Brand Strategy and Design Management at the Parsons School of Design in New York City. 

I have spent the last 15 + years in the fashion industry. I am a creative branding and innovative entrepreneur. I possess extensive and successful experience in visual merchandising and creative services; demonstrated abilities in developing forward thinking initiatives improving the retail space performance, implementing and promoting global and visual concepts in the retail store environment resulting in exceptional sales and brand performance. I am a team leader providing strategic merchandising and visual direction that include results driven in-store presentations, seasonal strategies, marketing and positive retail environment results.

Prior to providing customer design and brand identity solutions, I spent 12 years as the Director of Visual Merchandising and Creative Services at Ralph Lauren Corporation. I directed the creative presentation of the company brand, which included developing and executing a clear brand vision. I planned corporate strategies and visual merchandising by communicating and collaborating with cross-functional partners. As a result of my hard work and dedication to the company, I received the prestigious Ralph Lauren Partnership and Leadership Award. 

My current role is the Senior Executive for my company, Brett Banks where my work includes Creative Branding + Design, Visual Merchandising and Creative Services.

A Day in the Life...

No day has EVER been the same. Now that is really the case with a 5 month old infant.

I try to be as consistent as possible with certain daily routines.


• WAKE UP: Prayer, Read Scripture, and Meditation

• BRAXTON: Change, Feed, and put him back to sleep

• QUIET TIME: Read Devotionals, Study, Meditation + Prayer



• BRAXTON TIME: Change, Feed, Read, and Play

• BALANCING ACT BEGINS: Managing Braxton’s needs, emails, calls, projects, meetings, appointments, and whatever needs to get done and needs my attention…


• BALANCING ACT CONTINUES: The Juggle is Real… While Braxton naps/sleeps during the day, that affords me the opportunity to give my undivided attention to projects and priorities.


• EXPLORE/RECESS: Inspiration… Go out to be stimulated visually and creatively. Whether it’s going for a walk, posting up at a coffee shop or bookstore, checking out museums and stores, people watching.






• WORK LATE: Focused and Uninterrupted in the Lab.

• REFLECT: Reread Devotion and Prayer.


Business Drive...

I am always inspired and sharpened by impressions, experiences, and people; there is a personal connection that I have for understanding the essence of brands and discovering [seeing] things in others that they may not see in themselves. The process starts with the connection, then collaboration, which gives birth to the creation. Collaborating with great creative minds to realize brand visions, designs, and concepts fuel my passion.

You read the narrative, now use it as inspiration. 

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