TONL x Chromebook: Mekdes Mersha, Clinical Research Coordinator and Model
TONL x Chromebook: Mekdes Mersha, Clinical Research Coordinator and Model

TONL x Chromebook: Mekdes Mersha, Clinical Research Coordinator and Model

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Meet Mekdes Mersha! Clinical Research Coordinator and Model. Hear more about her day in the life as she integrates the Samsung Chromebook Pro.


I firmly believe in being transparent; it's not all sunshine and photoshoots. In fact, 90% of my day as a Clinical Research Coordinator involves me working at my office, in front of my computer, taking calls, seeing patients or facilitating meetings with doctors. I do this full-time for a start-up in the city. My background has always been in research; I worked in a drosophila lab for a year in college, transitioned to epidemiological research for almost four years after I graduated and now exclusively work in industry-sponsored clinical trials. I feel super blessed to able to model and work on creative projects on my days off, but my career has always been set in research full time. I love that I am living in a time where the industry is embracing the uniqueness of the every day woman who works, raises a family and most importantly EATS. 

A Day in the Life...

Time is of the essence every single day. I try my best to wake up early and get a good workout in, but often times I find myself leaving early to start my work day. New York City has a way of making you feel like you have no time to waste. As a research coordinator my job is to help enroll eligible patients into clinical trials following Good Clinical Practice. My days are varied and mostly spent running between HQ and my assigned clinic sites in the greater NYC area.

I try to stay sharp in my field by staying connected to other clinical research professionals. I also stay engaged with the ever changing pace of Industry research by following newly published data and FDA approved drugs.

About once a month I get booked for a shoot which is a fun way to break up the seriousness of my field. The shoots really vary, but I tend to stay within the beauty and fashion world. 

I am also pretty active in my church and attend weekly dinner parties and services which really fuel my soul.

Industry Reflection...

Every day I have to tell myself, "This is my body". I have always had a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with this body similar to many other women I know. I never entertained the idea I would ever model (my degree is in Biology and I have always worked as a full-time researcher...also lol confidence) but when I was 22 I signed to an agency who sold me a dream contingent on one thing-- losing 2 inches. My excitement quickly spiraled into a full blown eating disorder (ED). I would spend hours in the gym, calculated every calorie, binging my life away...things I'm not proud of. I was the skinniest I've ever been (although, I couldn't see it) but the agency ghosted me and instead I ended up with an ED that I would nurse for years to come and even seek therapy for. It's still something I struggle with to this day; although I do a good job at masking it with humor. I'm in a MUCH better place now. I'm super grateful for my church fam for teaching me that my identity is not in any industry standards but in God alone and my partner for always making me feel beautiful.

You read the narrative, now use it as inspiration. 

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