Mekdes: Rooted In Compassion
Mekdes: Rooted In Compassion

Mekdes: Rooted In Compassion

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I'm passionate about loving people. 

My race and cultural background has impacted my life tremendously! My cultural upbringing has shaped my values, my attitude, my approach to life and how I value community. I grew up witnessing my Ethiopian mother and aunt being active members of their cultural community, spending hours on end serving their community members. That was the blueprint for how I should treat the people around me, how I should love without boundaries, to give my time even when I might not want to because we're all in this together. It's shown me how to translate that love beyond just my own people but to everyone around me.

My typical day starts around 6:00am on M/W/F. As soon as I wake up I try to take a few moments to thank God for waking me and my loved ones (sometimes I'm in a rushed state and forget hah 😅). I hurriedly throw on my workout gear and head to the gym with two of my girlfriends to workout for about an hour. I get to the hospital around 9am and respond to emails and queries for the first few hours--sometimes I have early patients to see but it varies day-to-day. I usually take my lunch at my desk or outside in Central Park while watching an episode of something on Netflix. If I'm feeling chatty I'll call my girlfriends back home in Seattle and catch up on life and the tea ☕️ My workdays typically end around 5pm. I'm either running to the store to meal prep, taking a workout class somewhere in the city, or I'm going to Dinner Party with my C3 family. On work nights I try to be home by 9pm at the latest and in bed by 10:30. Getting enough rest is super important to me and necessary for a happy and pleasant Mekdes.

I always joke to my boyfriend that I can see myself winning the award for best supporting actress. I love to offer a helping hand and go the extra mile to help people around me execute their ideas. This isn't to say that I am not a leader because I am in my own right, I just get a deep sense of pleasure knowing that I can be of help to those around me.

In July, I celebrated my two years in New York City -- it flew by! As I reflect, I realize I have accomplished a lot in that time frame. I still have a lot more to go, but I have to sit back and be proud of myself. When I think about the question of what I wish people knew about me, I think I'm pretty transparent about my life; I share the parts that matter the most to me--my loved ones, the places I've traveled to and the experiences I've lived. I'm still discovering and exploring parts of me that will be shared as they reveal themselves. 


You read the narrative, now use it as inspiration. 

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